Saturday, May 2, 2015

Playdate for dogs

The black blob to the left is Jake. The bee toy is Jake's pacifier.

Gracie! Look.

Dega is a ham

Gracie! You are not cooperating.

Fine! I'll even smile for this one.
When the weather turns nice, and the backyards are not pools of mud, Melissa and I arrange a play date for the dogs. Her yard has more shade in the late afternoons, so we usually go there. Dega and Gracie have been playmates since they were less than a year old. They play well together. Dega is crazy, and Gracie is allowed to boss him around a bit. Kind of like most marriages.

Jake, on the other hand, views Dega as a constant threat. So we allow Jake to grab certain toys to take outside. Through trial and error we discovered if you give Jake a pacifier, he will chase Dega but carry the stuffed toy in his mouth. Very little barking and no biting. Works for me.

Dega and Grace had just completed several laps around the backyard, and were taking a break. Good times. The other attraction to Melissa's yard is the constant anticipation of squirrels. There is a line of trees bordering the back of her subdivision, and the squirrels are all over. My two are always on the look out. Since Jake loves to chase squirrels, he usually sits on the deck, gazing at the trees.

Dog moms are nuts.

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