Monday, May 25, 2015

Lazy Sunday

What the hell, mom?

The look on Gracie's face is priceless.
Central Indiana is 3 inches below normal in rain fall for the month of May. The rain is bypassing us, going to the north and south. You can see in these photos that the grass is starting to brown already, going into the hibernation state. Here we go again.

We went to the dog park yesterday morning, late. It was hot, and after 30 minutes my two were just lying in the shade, not moving around at all. So I loaded them back into the car, and on a whim followed some hand printed signs that said "Hanging Baskets". I really wasn't expecting much, but just felt like looking.

This woman buys in large quantities, and sells until they are gone and it's done. She takes very good care of what she does sell, and these were gorgeous. I couldn't resist having some color in the backyard. The wagon is old, was a gift from my daughter in law about 8 years ago, for Mother's Day. It was on the south side of the house, so I moved it into the yard and put it under the maple tree. The dogs consider the wagon an invader. I told them to get over it, I like it.

Jake had been rolling in the grass but by the time I grabbed my phone to take a pic, he had rolled over from his back. I didn't realize until this morning that his tongue was sticking out. Just too cute.

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