Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Green paws and grass munching

Under the desk

I am not happy with you, mom.
We have had a great deal of rain this past month. It poured all day this past Saturday, and Sunday iti was still too wet to mow grass. Yesterday I walked the yard, checking the moisture, and decided it was worth a try. More rain is moving in later this week, and the grass was thick and tall.

I use a walking mower for the backyard because it's small with trees and shrubs planted. Had just completed the second pass around the perimeter, weaving around the trees, when the mower quit. When I pulled on the cord to restart it, the cord wouldn't move. Uh huh. Tipped the mower on it's side, and wet, thick grass was coating the underside completely. It took me a few minutes to pull most of it off, creating a pile of packed grass. That smelled. I then went in the house to get a garbage bag and grab a putty knife from the garage, letting the dogs out into the yard. Yeah, that was a mistake.

My dogs are crazy. I probably have mentioned this before, but they both like munching on grass. If they have a stomach ache, they will walk along the house in the yard, pulling that longer grass up and eating it. Or sometimes they just have a desire for more greens. I don't know, because they aren't talking. When I came back outside, Jake had snagged a packed, slightly moldy chunk of grass about 10 inches long, 2 inches wide, and was eating it like it was a sirloin steak. Gracie, afraid this treasure would soon disappear, was standing over the mound I had pulled off the mower, grazing.

My immediate response was "leave it!". But mom, this is so very tasty and no, we won't leave it. I scooped up what I could, then turned around to try and get that piece away from Jake. He took off, thinking he could hide in the corner of the yard. Fortunately for me, someone walked by on the street behind the house, and Jake forgot the grass so he could bark at this invader. I snatched it up.

They both have green paws. Sigh.

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