Thursday, March 26, 2015


From May, 2011. When you adopt a dog or cat from Hendrick's County Animal Control, and that animal is not neutered, you have 4 days to neuter the pet. To prove you are serious, you must prepay the neutering fees, and bring the paperwork with you to adopt. If you fail to schedule the neutering or return the proof of the surgery, a warrant can be issued for your arrest. Animal Control is serious in this county.

I adopted Jake on a Wednesday. Not wanting any hassles, I scheduled his surgery for the next day, Thursday. Poor little guy. Finds his forever home, complete with a big sister, and he gets his balls cut off immediately.

Gracie had been spayed when she was 6 months old, before her first heat. She wore the cone of shame for 2 full weeks and needed it. The collar fell off once, and she went directly to her stitches before I grabbed her. I got the same speech from the vet that neutered Jake, that the collar was necessary for 2 weeks. What I wasn't counting on was Gracie being terrified of the cone. And Jake figured that little tidbit out real fast. If I let the two of them out in the yard, Grace was fine. Coming into the house, no, not happening. So I would bring Jake in first, barricade him in the kitchen, then go let Gracie back in. After 3 days I was frustrated and exhausted. I called a knowledgeable dog friend who worked for a vet. She said male dogs were less likely to go after the stitches, and to remove the collar and see how Jake did. He was good as gold. And he stopped terrorizing his sister.

Motherhood. There is no end, is there?

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