Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Say what?

Last week I decided to reorganize the craft/studio room. Every day I enter said room, and do something. It isn't finished. It's not finished, because I don't know what to do with all this stuff.

In the past 6 years (since I bought this house), I have enjoyed the following hobbies: scrap books, mini albums which are scrap books, painting paper mache and wood, mixed media canvases, primitive crafts, sewing, stamping, card making, stamping metal and making bracelets, and abstract art.

The card making and scrap books are over and done. Time to move on. But at one point this was a passion, so I hesitate to give away or throw out any and all of those supplies. My thoughts are to put the supplies I am not currently using into containers, place the containers in the closet with labels, and reorganize the room. I did that. Do you see any hope for this room? The key word is "room", as in there is none. It was suggested by a friend that I use the spare bedroom that is actually set up as a guest room for more storage. There is a queen size bed and two dressers in that bedroom, and it is where Gracie sleeps every night. Gracie put her paw down, and said no way. Uh huh. Not happening, mom.

Today I am tackling this again. One more time. There is a solution, I just haven't found it yet.

On another note entirely, I am not proud to be living in Indiana today. The Religious Freedom Act is about to be signed into law. This is a legal way for businesses and the government to discriminate without any threat of being sued. Gen Con, the largest convention that Indianapolis hosts, will not return to the city if this becomes law. I am hoping that entertainers, the racing industry, and sports teams formally protest as well. Sad. A very sad day.


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