Monday, March 9, 2015

Monday Monday

We are rapidly approaching sheep herding season. We have not been since early November, and Gracie was bossy and disrespectful. Yes, dogs can be that way. These are photos from when we first started herding, in September 2010. Leah is in the field with Gracie because either a) Gracie wasn't listening to me, or b) I wasn't listening to Leah.

I would like to continue the herding with Gracie because it's great exercise, and gives us a chance to do something without Jake. Jake sits at the fence and watches. His job is to protect his women. Or at least that's what he thinks. But I'm not sure I will be physically able to accomplish this. We are no longer at the farm in Boone county, where these photos were taken, but at a different mini farm south of us. Grace had become accustomed to the above fields, having worked them for over 5 years. It was her turf, and she had confidence. At the new farm we work a big field that is fenced, and my Aussie likes to wander to avoid the sheep and me. It is her version of flipping me the bird. Good times.

It is also mud season. Yesterday the temperature climbed to 50, and the packed snow is almost completely gone. My floors are decorated in a lovely pattern of mid size dog paw prints. Goes well with the wood laminate flooring. Cleaning seems to be a continuous process: you start, you pause, you continue. Never ending.

The good news is that spring is here. Sigh. Finally. Life is good.

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