Saturday, February 7, 2015

Scary Times

A friend and coworker posted on Facebook about homes being marked that have "desirable" dogs. The assholes that steal said dogs are tying plastic bags to trees, so it appears that bag was caught by the wind. When the team that actually wants to take the dog(s) drives through the neighborhood, they know which homes to target.

I have big honking padlocks on both of my yard gates. After losing Sarge, I take no chances.

On the news this morning was a story about leaving anything in your car while you run into a business. For example, you are picking up your dry cleaning, dropping a child off at daycare, or a dog off at doggie day care. Even if you lock your car, the thieves are busting out a window to grab whatever is inside. This isn't happening in a poor or middle class area of Indianapolis. Oh, no. It's happening in Fishers, one of THE upscale areas north of the city. So I imagine the grabbing is good. The newscaster warned that you absolutely should not leave a purse in your car.

However, if you do live in an apartment or condo without a garage, and your car is out all night, please don't start your car to warm it in the morning. Thieves are now cruising the areas looking for running automobiles without drivers. Bam, said the lady. Your car is gone.

And, of course, if you have Anthem insurance, all of your personal data is now in the hands of hackers.

What can we do about any of this? For one, you don't leave your car unlocked or anything visible in that car when you exit it. Most cars today can't be running and have the doors lock. It's a safety thing, so the solution is you sit your semi frozen ass in the car while it is warming. Life's a bitch. And if you see strange vehicles in your neighborhood, driving slow, looking around, try to get a license plate. Note the color and make of the vehicle, and call the police. Let your neighbors know someone is cruising. I have stood on my back deck when I saw strange cars parked on the street that runs behind my house. I am not comfortable with some strange dude surveying the area in the middle of the day. Is this his job? Yeah, well, guess what? Reporting you is mine. And yes, I can out stare you, asshole. I also have Guardian alarm system, with a sign in the back and front yards of the house.

So basically the message is be more aware. Get to know who lives next door to you, behind you. Know what is normal and what is not. And put your phone away when you are walking into or out of a store. A distracted woman is a target. Ask any cop.

Ok. I'm stepping of the soap box. Done. Thanks for stopping by.

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