Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Ice Diving

Jake, sticking his entire face into the water for a piece of ice

Note that Gracie isn't in the water

See the ice floating?
We went to the dog park Sunday morning around 10a.m. It was fairly crowded, because the weather forecast was for rain later that day. The temperature had already climbed to the upper 40's, so the snow pack that had been on the ground for over a week had melted.

There is a slight depression in the land that runs parallel to the 6 foot fence. Rain and snow collect in this area, and there are certain dogs that remember this. Dogs that like to get their paws wet, or in the case of the Golden mix, Tobey, their entire bodies wet. Tobey was rolling in the water. Tobey's mom was not happy. Jake is a terrier mix, and terriers in general like the water. For a dog that will run from me for hours if there is even a hint of a bath, he will willingly stand in frigid water and dive for ice chunks. At one point he had his entire face in that water. With me on the sidelines, telling him to "leave it". Leave it, mom? I don't think so. You know how I love me a piece of ice, mom.

Needless to say, by the time we returned to the car to drive home, he was dripping water from his beard. Typical boy, he did not want me to wipe his face with a towel.

It's funny, all the dog owners stand in the middle and shake our heads at what our dogs are doing with the messy park. But there we were, enjoying the sun and warmth, enjoying our babies getting dirty. Almost as much as the dogs.

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