Tuesday, December 9, 2014


It has been said that humans do not like change. We seem to adapt to a routine, making minor adjustments as we proceed through life. Perhaps this is true, certainly not for everyone, but I have discovered that dogs are creatures of habit far more than humans.

On the old car that was totaled, I folded down the back seats and spread a quilt out for the spoiled brats. Gracie always went to the rear window, sat down, and gazed out on what we just passed. Jake was in the front of the space, his butt on the top of the folded seats, his front paws on the console. His job was to navigate, commenting on anyone standing at a bus stop, walking, or riding a bike. The dogs had grown accustomed to the 2012 Escape. It was theirs. They liked it.

Grace did not want to enter the rental car, which was a Chrysler sedan. It meant she had to share the back seat with her brother. This was just not in her realm of thought, so she shook, put on the brakes, and generally gave me a rough time whenever I wanted to take them somewhere in the past two weeks.

I returned the rental yesterday, and picked up the 2014 Escape SE. I like it. No, let's correct that. I LOVE it. It is bigger, heavier than the older car because it's the newer body style. Has more snazzy elements that I don't completely understand yet, but we'll get there. After returning home and eating dinner, I turned on the light in the garage, invited the dogs out there, and folded down the back seats to spread out sheets and a clean quilt. As I backed out of the car, I glanced down at the dogs. They were both sitting there, looking up. "Not our car, mom", was the impression I got. Jake is going to have to stretch just a bit to rest his butt on the seat with his front paws on the console. The rear seat on this car has more room. Gracie will still be able to gaze out the back window as we travel, so I think she'll be happy. But what I found curious was after I put their quilt in the car, neither dog made any attempt to get in the back. The silent message was that they wanted the 2012 car back. Yeah, babies, I know. 

Life goes on.

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