Sunday, December 14, 2014

Random Thoughts

Jake after a hard day at Puppy Playground
I follow a lot of blogs. Some from artists that I admire, some by fellow geeks about Firefly or Castle. Tumblr is loaded with unique photographs, and I usually go through my list in the mornings while sipping a mug of coffee. It relaxes me, but also has become a routine to get me ready for the day. I just plain like it.

One of the blogs this morning had a suggestion, and I would like to pass it along. Get a large jar or container, doesn't have to be fancy, and each time in the year 2015 when something good happens, jot a note to remind you of that event, and put it in the jar. At the end of the year, on New Year's Eve, sit down and read through the notes. Your very own year in review, but only the good things that will bring a smile to your face and heart.

Another blogger had a photo of a small plastic baggie, with a few items and a note. The blogger had been handed this baggie on a flight, prior to take-off by the parents of an infant. The note explained that this would be the first flight for the baby, and mom and dad didn't know how their little one would react. So the baggie contained 2 pair of ear plugs, and a few foil wrapped chocolates along with the apology if the baby cried. Mom and dad are going to be great parents.

It is easy at this time of year to be a bit kinder towards our fellow travelers in life. My hope is that I can extend that feeling for all seasons.

Have a great day.

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