Friday, December 5, 2014

Random Friday

I am Jake. Everything is MINE!

I am Gracie. I used to be the alpha dog. Good times.
My dogs have weaker bladders than I do. Every single night one or both will wake me to go outside. Last night it was Gracie at 4:30am. She didn't want to come in. Evidently something smelled good, or there was an abundance of rabbit poop to nosh on, or the grass was tasty, who knows? After 30 minutes, she finally came to the back door and tapped once. We headed back to bed.

I have a king size bed. When I purchased the Tempur Pedic mattress, the salesman asked why I was buying the king size. I had a one word reply: dogs. He nodded. We understood each other. At 5am this morning, I climbed back into my cozy king size bed. Gracie followed me, unusual because Jake is normally the one who sleeps with me, and she curled up into the pillows to my right. This was not a good sign. She was now occupying the space that her brother vacated, so he could go out and once again mark the backyard.

2 minutes later Jake entered the bedroom, jumping up on the king size bed. Note I keep emphasizing the size of the bed. It's big. Can we share? Why no, why do you ask? Jake walked to my left, and decided that wasn't sufficient for his current needs. He then carefully walked around me to my right, entering the 10 inch space between me and Gracie. And stood there. At this point I am trying to contain my laughter, because the handwriting is definitely on the wall. After standing for maybe a minute being ignored by Gracie, Jake gave her a gentle nudge with his nose. When that didn't work, he stepped up onto the pillows that were supporting Gracie, and started to settle in. She took the hint and exited the bedroom. Jake circled 3 times, his norm, and made a nest.

What the boy doesn't realize, and I do, is that the more alpha and possessive behavior he displays, the more clinging Gracie is becoming. She is the dog that will greet people into our home, and want to sit on their laps. She is the one at the dog park who will hug strangers. Little Gracie will get her attention, one way or another. And she has started to carve out "mom" time for belly rubs and back rubs.

How empty my days would be without these two. Have a great day.

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