Saturday, December 6, 2014

I Can't Seem to Stop!

12 x 12 inch canvas with the collage base

10 x 10 inch finished

10 x 10 close-up
12 x 12 finished.
I have four more videos to watch in the Donna Downey 10 in 10 online class. Trying so hard not to gallop through these, because each one is a treasure. I am learning so much. A few days ago, I received another shipment of canvases from Dick Blick, this time in the 12 by 12 inch size, and decided to experiment on my own.

I am drawn to the vintage, grungy look that represents antiques, old papers and an unspoken past. In the first photo, the main paper that is yellow with age is from a very old book I picked up at a flea market. The original owner had made notes in the margins with a #2 pencil, and I wanted that to show in my collage. The other book paper is also old but the ephemera are reproductions. I have stacks of this stuff from the craze that existed a few years back in scrapbooking. After the papers had been added to the canvas, I decided I wanted a point of texture. Using Golden's light modeling paste and a numbers stencil, I added an area in the upper left hand corner. It is there in the first photo, but you really have to look. Once you paint over the dried modeling paste and add some Raw Umber, it really pops.

I have no idea if every artist is like this, but I am in love with the top half of this larger canvas, not so much with the bottom blue part. This may be finished, it may not. None of this series are yet sealed. To me that means I can always add and change something. Letting this one sit on the table and percolate is the ticket. This is normal for me, how my brain works.

The latest 10 x 10 canvas is complete. In that lesson, we went back to adding some neutral grey paint to the palette, and I do like that. Layers upon layers of paint, added and then sometimes removed with a baby wipe or a piece of clean muslin. This process is relaxing to me, and a constant delight. When you reach the "ah ha" second of discovery, it is so very rewarding. THAT is the point where you stop, step back and decide if it is finished.

This class has made me feel like my creative side has taken another path, found a different direction. My curiosity is growing with each canvas. I can't wait to see what's around the next corner.

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