Wednesday, November 26, 2014


It is Thanksgiving eve. All thoughts should be on the turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and various side dishes that each family treasures. My one daughter-in-law has to have green bean casserole. The other daughter-in-law wants cranberry gel out of the can, and corn. I always liked making cole slaw from scratch to go with the turkey. A nice contrast. I no longer cook Thanksgiving dinner. No one comes to my home, and I don't go by the kids. That's cool.

I should probably stay home to plow through the endless array of emails and newspaper ads trying to entice me to get out and buy. Wasn't it just a few short years ago that the sales didn't start until 6am on Friday? Now it's 4am, or midnight on Thanksgiving, or (shame on you, KMart!) 6am on Thanksgiving day. Give me a frigging break. Will I shop on Thanksgiving? Nope. Will I get out at midnight? Nope. I live in the suburbs of Indianapolis, one that is regularly targeted by thieves. Are you nuts? Will I set the alarm and go out at 6am? Uh, that would be a negative.

What I will do (shoot me now) is go to Michael's between noon and 10pm on Black Friday for 40% off every regular priced item. Art supplies. OH, yeah. Not presents, nope, stuff for me. At a great savings. And no, they aren't giving me anything to hype this.

I do love a bargain like everyone else, but this shopping frenzy has truly grown beyond all understanding. Do we really need to do this? As a society, is this how we want to be remembered? Greed rules? With a healthy dose of racism and hate?

Think about it. What are you thankful for? Me? I'm thankful for my health, family, friends, and dogs. Thankful that I can still survive on my own. And most of all, thankful for the way my father raised me. Hate was not allowed in our home. Everyone deserves a chance. This was discussed, especially as I entered my teens. Thanks, dad. God, I miss you. And I am thankful you were there for me.

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