Wednesday, November 12, 2014


The Belvedere House in Galena, IL.
This is a four story house on the Galena River, in Galena, IL. It is quite old, although I don't remember how old. It has sat vacant for years, been used as a restaurant more than once, and is now a tour home (first 2 floors only) and private residence. The house is packed, and I do mean packed, with collectibles and antiques from the current owners many travels. If I recall correctly, the current owners have been in this home since 1970.

One of the little tidbits we learned on this tour was that the current owners, and I don't remember their names because I didn't really care at the time, have purchased a huge quantity of items and furniture from the estate sales of Liberace. Yes, THAT Liberace. Holy Shit, batman, you should truly see some of this stuff. Liberace had 30, count them, 30 homes all over the country. And he decorated all of them in this ornate, heavy style. Kind of like Elvis on steroids. Was it a 70's thing? Was it a Vegas thing? I don't know, but Lord have mercy it is beyond ugly. And there is no room to move without bumping some part of your body into a piece of furniture. Every single inch of wall space has an item shoved up against it.

What impressed me the most was the view from the foyer. You can gaze skyward and see the original stained glass sky light, with the winding staircase as a frame. Very cool. But the rest of the house? Rooms were not made that large 125 years ago, so when you encase them in heavy, dark draperies and heavy, dark furniture, they appear smaller.  Like the walls are closing in.

Dudes. Have a sale!

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