Thursday, November 20, 2014

Mojo is working!

Creativity is a funny thing. Either it is with you or it isn't. For whatever reasons I lost mine last spring, and it was pretty much gone all summer and early fall. I had zero desire to even enter the studio, let alone work in an art journal or on a canvas. No sewing, nothing was going on. The blog was ignored, because I had stopped taking photographs, and didn't feel like I had anything to say.

Any artist, particularly the female artists I follow online, will tell you that when you hit a dry spell you work through it. Force yourself to do something. Nah, didn't want to do that so I let everything slide. Then last month that little itch started up again. Very small at first, I'd dabble for maybe 10 minutes at a time, then walk away. Still unsure, still waiting for lightning to strike. I did a few online classes with Christy Tomlinson, because I had signed on for the year with her Art Society. You receive links to a new project once a month. The fire was still not quite burning bright.

If you like mixed media, if you like abstract art, if you just want to play there is a new class I can't recommend enough: Donna Downey's 10 - 10 in 10 canvas workshop. Check it here. I watched the intro video and first day video yesterday, and started my first canvas. I will share the steps after I finish, had to give it overnight to dry the first layer. Donna makes this so easy, and just encourages you to have fun and play and hey! be happy. This is exactly what I needed. The supplies she uses are all Golden, which are a bit pricey but I had almost everything on hand. But she uses minimal supplies, making the self imposed limit work for us. Love this concept, love her instruction.

More to come. Have a good day!

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