Monday, March 24, 2014

Signs of Spring

My pussy willow tree in the backyard

New canvas, 6x6 inches
The weather was so lovely this past Friday that I hauled out the Canon and took some shots of the buds coming out on the pussy willow tree. This is actually a large size shrub, but it is called a tree. The rabbits have chewed the lower branches all winter. Little dickens, aren't they? Bunnies really did a number on the burning bush out front. It is now half the size it was last fall. Sigh.

I have been making an effort to spend time in the studio every day. There are days it's hours, other days it is only 10 minutes. But doing something, anything, every day is the goal. I started this little canvas a few weeks ago, then left it. Came back yesterday and finished it with the butterfly and some shading. I love how it turned out. The paint on the butterfly is by Claudine Helmuth, and this has been discontinued by Ranger, the company that made it. Makes me sad. It was expensive but has this great transparency to it that allows the background papers to show through. Another goal is to use up what I have on hand, and stop buying mixed media and art supplies. Kind of like being addicted to drugs. I think. I have never been addicted to drugs, but buying this shit is unstoppable. You tell yourself just one more purchase.....uh huh.

Have a great day.

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