Sunday, March 30, 2014

In my memories...

Tomorrow, March 31st, the the third anniversary of Sarge's death. He was killed by a car at 7:30 in the morning, in the dark.

He was a beautiful dog. Fur so thick you could hardly find his skin, and the only dog I ever paid for professional grooming. I just could not get thru all that fur. From the day he disappeared, March 15th, to the day I received the call of the accident, Gracie and I searched. And Gracie mourned, constantly standing at the end of the hallway, barking. She would call for Sarge to come out of the bedroom for weeks.

People who don't own dogs, or are not animal lovers don't understand our commitment to our furry kids. How, in your heart, you pledge to take care of them forever. Sarge was a rescue, and I failed him. Whomever lured him out of the backyard did so because the gates were not locked. Locks went on the day he disappeared, but that was putting the proverbial horse before the cart.

Jake is now the man of the house, and the alpha role dog. Gracie gave that up less than a year after Jake entered our home. But Sarge is still in my thoughts. And I hope he is running over the Rainbow Bridge with all the other dogs that passed, at peace.


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