Wednesday, February 19, 2014

It's Getting Better all the Time

Jake hates all camera

Point that thing at someone else, Mom.

I refuse

Let us take over the couch

Baby girl. Spoiled brat. My Gracie.
To paraphrase John Lennon and Paul McCartney, it is getting better all the time. The sun is out, the air is warmer, and birds are chirping. Probably will snow next week.

I have friends with dogs who don't bug them every waking minute to go out, to play, to do what the dog wants to do. Gracie is an Aussie, and she is a very unique dog. Boy, that's a diplomatic statement. If Gracie is not challenged mentally and physically, she can make life for me an endless trip to the door. To save my own sanity, it is to my benefit as well as hers to walk, or take them to the dog park, or to Puppy Playground for a half day of romping with the other dogs. I have also taken to putting the dogs in the car if I am running errands. Depends on where we are going. I will not under any circumstances leave them in the car at a grocery store or any Walmart. Nor will I leave them for more than a few minutes. Dog snatching is a big business here in Central Indiana. Disgusting.

So today we will walk and ride. Maybe I can wear her out. Have a good one.

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