Monday, February 17, 2014

After the first 12 inch snow storm. A month ago

My river birch tree on the south side of the house

Bored. We are so bored.

This has been a horrible winter. Since December 1st (and I honestly don't remember if we had snow in November), we have had 51.6 inches of snow. I have cleaned closets, cleaned the house, cleaned cabinets, stock piled stuff for a trip to Good Will, and baked.

The cabin fever is so bad, I have even taken the dogs to the dog park on a day when it was sunny, windless, and 15 degrees. We stayed 30 minutes. Snow packed paws and my cold feet was the reason to head for home.

I have lost my motivation to work on any art projects, feeling very non-creative. The sewing machine sits idle, the paints neatly lined up on a shelf.

So yesterday I did a quick 2 pages in an art journal. One side was in blues and pinks, with the word "Despair" outlined. I then flipped the page over and did a second in brights with the phrase "Cheer Up Now". Going to take my own advice. It is not up to the weather to brighten our days, nor our friends, or co-workers, or family. It is up to us to find that shining spot within ourselves.

But this endless snow and cold has taken it's toll. Enough already. Time to live this moment and make the best of it. Hope you agree.

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