Monday, January 13, 2014

The Calm after the Storm

On one of the many dreary days we've had, I craved color and sunshine. I wanted blue skies and green leaves. So I created this double page spread, and thought "Hey! It's my art journal, I can say exactly what I think". Winter does indeed suck.

A week ago we had 19 inches of snow on the ground, with sub zero temperatures. The wind chill was -41. The frigid blast only lasted about 60 hours, then the warm up began. On Wednesday of last week I discovered that someone had my old driver's license that had been stolen with my purse, and was cashing large checks against my bank account. So in the midst of recuperating from the arctic vortex, I was also dealing with my own whirlwind of protecting my identity and trying to get my money returned.

It was a hell of a week.

I am a strong woman. There are, of course, times when I break down and bawl. Doesn't everyone? But I do not expect anyone else to take care of me. I am independent, a decision maker, and do my level best to stay on top of whatever situation presents itself. This time I was kicked in the gut. A very large corporation thought it was "okay" to make me a victim again. The first time was with the robbery. The second was when one of their employees cashed a $1500 check against my account that had $278 in it. Really????

The police have been contacted. I will take the next step this morning. And folks, I am so loaded for bear.

My word for this year is ACHIEVE. I will achieve my personal goals with my art. I will achieve a level of more financial security. And I will achieve a reputation of being that woman from the south side of Chicago that you really don't want to mess with.

Have a good one.

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