Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Waterfront

After returning from our 2 day trip to Olympic National Park, we decided a nice, relaxing day of shopping was in order. Uh huh.

We stopped for lunch at a Fisherman's Wharf type of restaurant. Sitting outside afforded us a close up view of the ferris wheel. I was considering doing this (fear of heights), until Pat pointed out that we had not seen one full turn on the wheel since we sat down. Most of the time on the wheel was starting and stopping to get people on and off. So we bypassed that, and just walked around taking some shots.

What you don't see are the panhandlers. This is a continuous subject in Indianapolis, seeming to pop up in the news at least once a month. I have a different perspective on the subject since visiting Seattle. Unemployment in Seattle is 4.9%. Lower than the national average, way lower than Indiana. Yet there they sit, on the concrete by the water, in the parks, with signs. The one that was most disturbing was the young woman. Her sign said she was pregnant and homeless. We had one panhandler chase us through a parking area, asking for donations so he and his fiancee could have a hot meal. Looked to be about 22 or 23. Really?

I have no solution. Yes, there is help available. But some of these people seem to have made a career out of begging. Sad.

Have a great weekend.

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