Sunday, September 8, 2013

Kerry Park

We had been sightseeing in the car, when Pat asked if I wanted to find Kerry Park. She had read online that it was THE vantage point to take photographs of Seattle. Sure, I said. So she pulled out the GPS.

The invention of a portable GPS system was a marvelous thing. It has saved us many times. But a GPS is not accurate 100% of the time. Sometimes I think they are haunted by past directions. Maybe it's having a bad day. But this particular day, in this city, Pat's GPS was full of something dark, brown and very smelly. After driving up and down hills, around in circles, telling me to go where there was no street, we finally found Highland St. Picture this: a street originally laid out for two-way traffic, which still is open for two-way traffic, but allows parking on both sides. Yes indeed. Kerry Park is located in the middle of a residential area of, I'm sure, very high priced real estate. Look at the view! The park is quite small and does not have a parking lot. You have to first be very brave and drive down the street, quickly (I waited 5 minutes), then find a spot. Someone had just left, so we did find a parking spot.

The aggravation was worth it, because it was an incredible view of Puget Sound and the city. Have I mentioned that Seattle is a dog town? We stayed downtown on 2nd Ave., and saw dogs being walked every day, at all times of the day and night. Loved it. This young woman came into the park and told her puppy to hop on the wall for a picture. We had just sat down on a bench opposite her, and both of us pulled up the cameras. Adorable dog.

When we had enough shots and were getting hungry, it was time to leave. Back to the GPS story. Please look at the above photos. We are on a ridge of land, but if you looked down at the wall there were houses below the park. However, the land slopes swiftly towards Puget Sound. Yep, the GPS told me to turn left towards the Sound.

I have been driving since I was 16 years old. I am now 65. Some of you may call be an old fart for this, but I want to see the street I'm driving on. When the angle of a hill is so great you can't do that, I tend to get nervous. Went down the first street, foot on the brake, hands sweating, and came to the stop sign. Straight ahead is another downhill street that looks far worse than the one we had just completed. I turned to Pat and said, "I can't do this". We went left. The GPS went ballistic. RECALCULATING!!!!! We made it back to the apartment without any incidents.

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