Thursday, June 13, 2013


These are paper flowers from Prima. Love the colors.
As long as we have been creating mixed media, I have had a problem with the shape of faces. I wanted to create heart shaped, but kept ending up having lopsided ovals that had to be "fixed" by the painting of the hair. I also had noticed that I wasn't paying close enough attention to the placement of various papers for the background. Invariably, my girls ended up with a seam down the middle of their face where two pieces of paper butted.

So this time I drew the head on a canvas first based with gesso, then painted in the background around the head. And this technique worked better for me. That doesn't mean I will give up on placing paper on canvas, just that I have added another option to my toolbox.

If you are interested in learning mixed media, I highly recommend all of the Christy Tomlinson classes. All of them. I am currently taking Behind the Art. She is a self taught artist with 6 kids that makes me smile. Love her teaching style.

Have a wonderful day.

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