Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Art Journal

A blueprint for another project

Playing with alcohol inks

Looking for symmetry

From the Christy Tomlinson workshop
These are some pages I did in the past week in my art journal. My original art journal that is only 5x8. And that makes a huge difference in the intimidation factor. Who would have thought?

I had been working in a full size Dylusions journal, which I believe is 9x12. When you have to fill a page that size, you can run out of ideas on what to do, placement of objects, balance, etc. And I was becoming very frustrated at pages that just did not make me happy. I had recently purchased the online workshop, "She Has 3 Hearts" from Christy Tomlinson, but not watched any of the videos. After starting that, I was amazed at what changing the size of the page did for me mentally. I know, sounds weird, but at this point I am taking what works and running with it. I began to play more, just slapping stuff on the page to see what would happen. And really enjoying it.

The most surprising factor has been the dogs. They are now resigned to the fact that when mom goes into that room, they should just chill. Jake will lay down next to my chair, Gracie in her summer place in the hallway under the cold air return. And not bug me. Not whine. Love it.

Have a great day. Create something.

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