Sunday, June 16, 2013


This is a canvas I did this past March. Nothing exceptional, I now see several things wrong with it, but at the time I thought it was acceptable. It has been sitting at Allyscraps since I completed it. Three weeks ago, Cathy and I pulled some canvases together and put them in a second hand store that specializes in "redone" furniture, objects, etc. We know the owner, and she wanted something to brighten up the corner. No problem.

And then promptly forgot about it. Welcome to our world.

Yesterday I was out and about, running errands. One of the things I had to do was restock our booth at Gilley's Craft Mall. Robinson's Treasures is only 1.5 miles west of Gilley's, so I decided to check with Mona on how we were doing.  Honestly, when I walked in and looked at the corner,  I couldn't tell if anything had sold. But when Mona came out from the back room, she was excited. "I have money for you!" We had indeed sold 2 canvases. The first was a bird on the fence, and it was this one. Cathy also did a bird on a fence because we both take the same damn classes online.....are we getting an idea here where this is going? The second canvas was of 3 houses, and it was also mine. I had used chipboard door diecuts, and Tim Holtz metal numbers on the houses. Obviously, I didn't take a picture. Not like me, but I've just been through all my picture folders for this year and I don't have one of that canvas.

Now. Cathy is giving me a hard time about the fact that my bird on the fence sold and hers didn't. She isn't concerned about the house canvas, because she hasn't done any. She has to win. Of course, we are also waiting for her Prozac to kick in...But the irony here is that every single one of those black primitive dolls and bunnies I made last January? They are still unsold in the booth at Gilley's. If Cathy had so much as touched them, they'd be gone.

I think we have each found our strengths. Ya gotta laugh.

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