Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring Sale

This is a crazy week. The craft mall where we have a booth is having a Spring open house this weekend. Sales have been slow this year, and we welcome this chance to get more people into the building. But, and this is a LARGE but, Cathy and I have been on this mixed media kick and neither of us has started the sewing machines since January. Yeah. Not good. Not that all the primitive crafts have sold. On the contrary, they are still in the booth.

I am torn. We have a large selection of canvases, like this one, to put in the booth. I also have 2 naked black dolls waiting for grunge mix to be applied, and clothes. So I swing back and forth from one project to another.

And then we have whining:
We're bored, Mom!

I have to laugh. Yesterday I was cruising the net, reading some of my favorite blogs for inspiration. Donna Downey, an artist who lives in North Carolina, has 2 dogs. The smaller dog fits into a knapsack type carrier, that sits on Donna's chest. You guessed it. She carries this pup around while working in the studio. My two are too big for that, but boy, can I relate. The dogs can be just as demanding as kids.

Have a great day. Be productive. I'm trying!

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