Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Art Journaling

I find this very much a challenge. That is a good thing, but there are days I just sit there and look at blank pages. From reading other blogs, I am not alone. But I did want to share a few things that I have done.

Doodling. It is therapeutic. It calms the nerves. For me personally, it drains the stress right out of my body. When I do sit down to doodle a page, I am compulsive about finishing it, but that is getting better. What I want this to be is something that I can do for 10 or 30 minutes, leave and come back to finish. The two covers are to one of my journals. I stamped "Art Journal 1" with some very old foam stamps I had on hand, then drew lines with a Sharpie Ultra Thin marker, and colored within the lines with a cheap set of Sargent markers from Hobby Lobby. Love them. No smearing, no residue on your hands, gets the job done for pennies.

The Dylusions journals I am using have an outside cover, and an inside cover. The photo above with the numbers is the inside of journal #1. I did this first, liked it so much, that I then did the outside as well. The vibrant colors make me want to pick the journal up and do something with it. (not toss it out the window, which I have considered).

And this is supreme doodling. This is letting your inner anxiety out, getting it down on paper, then covering it up so no one can read it. I love it.

The first photo is simply painting the page black (using any acrylic paint you have on hand), then making whatever lines you want with a white Sakura gel pen. Trust me on this. I bought every white pen I could find. They don't work. Bite the bullet and buy Sakura. They really are not expensive, and work perfectly every single time. I used Dyan Reaveley's Journaling block, which has a curved edge, to make the lines for a start, then doodled from there.

Second photo. This is from class, and she had us put the Sharpie to the page and just make circles, figure 8's, whatever curves you wanted. We then wrote over that in big, loopy handwriting whatever we wanted. Why you hate to shop for shoes, lyrics to a song, whatever. Dyan told us in class if we couldn't think of anything, simply to write Blah, Blah, Blah. I ended up writing the lyrics to "I Saw Her Standing There." One of my favorite Beatle songs. We then traced the image of Bert, one of the Dylusion stencils, on the page. Painted around Bert with black paint, then when it was dry, went back and redefined our loopy lines so we could color within the shapes. On this page we used Dylusions spray ink to color. Dyan had provided us with Ranger water pens filled with her sprays. I have done it since using a good paint brush and dipping it in the spray. If you use the Ranger water pen, you have to have one pen for every color. There are 15. A tad expensive. To finish, I outlined Bert in white ink and drew on the bricks.

You can finish one of these pages in an hour or so, depending on drying time. The sprays dry fast. I used my heat gun on the paint, at home. We didn't have heat guns in class. So. Stuck on what to do on a page? Complete one of these, and it will get your creative juices flowing nicely.

Supplies used:
Dylusions Sprays
Dylusions stamps on the covers, but mostly doodling.
Sharpie Ultra Fine black pen marker
Sargent markers - Hobby Lobby
black acrylic paint
paint brushes
Dylusion stencils
Dylusion journaling block
Tim Holtz number stamps
Staz-on black ink

Enjoy. Thanks for stopping by.

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