Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Day After

The sun is shining bright. It's 38 degrees, and the snow is melting. This is a very good thing.

By last night, Jake had had his fill of the heavy wet stuff. Poor little guy. The snow sticks to his legs, as in this photo.
So Jake is on the deck, watching his sister who loves to run in the snow and was trying her best to have Jake chase her. Gracie wiggled her butt, barked, and made a complete pest of herself. Jake wasn't having it.
It occurred to me that this time last year, I had already planted the pussy willow tree, trimmed the grasses back that were turning green at their bases, and cleaned up the yard. I have a feeling it will be awhile yet before those chores are repeated.

Onward: while trapped in the house with the dogs, I did a few more canvases. Telling ya, this mixed media thing is soooooo addictive!

The girl is on a 4x12 inch canvas. The house is on a 6x6. I have been trying to challenge myself to work with different sizes. That changes your perspective and proportions. Really liking the odd sizes.

Hope your week is going well. Thanks for stopping by.

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