Wednesday, January 2, 2013

It has to be the right spot, Mom

Gracie has the typical Australian Shepherd coat: a thick very fine undercoat, and a silky top coat. This obviously keeps her warm. But when the air temperature dips to below 10 degrees, I constantly worry about frostbite on their paws. So I closely monitor the time they are out in the yard.

Jake's fur is wiry, but a fine undercoat, but it is also obvious that he does not enjoy the frigid temperatures. He will run out, find the first spot that looks good, do his thing, and come back to the door and bark once, even if I'm standing right there. "Open the door MOM!" So consequently Jake and Mom stand inside the house, looking out the back door as Gracie wanders in circles in the yard.

It has to be the perfect spot. Not any spot will do. She sniffs everywhere, sniffs what her brother has left, and walks on. And on. The funniest event was the first time she went out there after the first 7 inches of snow was dumped on the area. She walked in circles, wading actually, until she could get the snow down so she could squat. The Diva wants what the Diva wants.

I can't wait for spring.

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