Wednesday, January 9, 2013


And here is the tip for the day: never, ever throw out any craft supplies. As soon as you do, you will need that particular item.

Months ago I was cleaning the craft room. This is an ongoing endeavor. Never ends. Anyway, I have 2 plastic boxes of small letter stamps that I purchased probably 10 years ago. I had kind of moved away from stamping my own words, so was tempted to pitch the boxes. This little nagging voice in my head said, "no, Linda, don't. You know what will happen."

Glad I listened to the voice. I have used the various letter sizes repeatedly in the past few weeks. The hearts are muslin that was painted and grunged. The word strips are also muslin that I soaked in coffee and baked. Yes, baked. Then stamped the various words.

I'm having fun with this. And that's important. Jake, my terrier mix, keeps looking at these, thinking it would be fun to tear open a heart. I told him no. Firmly. Have a great day.

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