Sunday, January 27, 2013

Dreary Sunday

There are days that all you can do is stay home and read a good book, or clean the house and catch up on laundry, or do something creative. I've done all three so far, and it's not yet 6pm. Ya gotta laugh....

It is chilly, overcast, and sometimes spitting rain/sleet in central Indiana. We have played throw the toys that make noise in the house several times. Doesn't seem to matter, the dogs are still bored. So I start on sewing, take a break to pacify the babies, and then try to go back to it. Sigh.

These are two angels that we purchased last year when first starting out in our booth. They never sold. Because we purchased them already made from someone else, the price had to be a bit higher than what we would have liked. Yesterday I realized, as I was restocking the booth with spring items, if these angels had not sold in almost a year, they weren't going to. So I brought them home to spruce them up. I altered the dresses, which were kind of big on the dolls, re-grunged them, added the apron and doily at the neck, and made the tags. Now I'm going to make some rusty wire halos, and I think that will do it. I hope so.

What we have learned in a year of purchasing, making, and selling primitive crafts is nothing short of amazing. I like that.

Have a relaxing evening. And thanks for stopping by.

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