Saturday, December 29, 2012

I did this! Me!!

On Saturday, December 22nd, I went grocery shopping at Walmart. I know. We should all support small, local markets. There aren't any. Not at this time of year. Anyway, I was at Wally World and decided to buy a sewing machine. I had donated the portable Brother machine I had, that literally fell apart, to Good Will several weeks ago. This time I bought a Singer. Not expensive, trust me.

I came home and pulled out the few patterns I had for primitive crafts. My idea was to make my friend, Cathy, a Christmas present. It is 2pm on the 22nd. Yeah, that's the way I roll sometimes. Let's put the pressure on! I had material, fiber fill, and thread in the house, so I just plain started.

The above is what I accomplished by 3pm on Christmas Eve. There was time out to teach a class, walk the dogs, misc. chores. I think I did pretty good. For someone who has said, repeatedly, that she can't sew, I think I did damn good.

I am now on a roll. I have another doll completed (these did indeed go to Cathy for presents), and a second doll started. I am enjoying these projects. It's taking the edge off the fact that every time you look out the window, more snow is falling.

Another 5 inches last night. Sigh. Stay safe. Do something you love.

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