Sunday, November 25, 2012


My dogs are spoiled. Just in case you didn't know that fact, I am stating it.

Last night I was watching television in bed. Gracie had gone into her bedroom (the guest room with a queen size bed), and Jake stayed with me, as he does every night. There are five pillows on the bed, which is king size. Jake had pulled two pillows out to his liking, and was circling to make his nightly nest. Heaven forbid that this dog just sleep on the mattress, which is a Tempurpedic, mind you. Oh, no. He has to arrange pillows for his pallet. This little habit started when the weather began to change in early November.

He stopped, and looked at me. I had three pillows, two of them very soft, old feather pillows. And the boy just stared. So I took the smallest pillow, and placed it on top of his nest. He circled again, and laid down with a deep sigh. And that is where he stayed all night.

Yes, I am certifiable. Absolutely nuts.
Have a good day. Hug your pets.

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