Sunday, July 1, 2012


I enjoy exercise. Yeah, I know. Not many people actually admit that, but I do. In the past few months, the exercise has decreased due to what I thought was a sciatica problem. After having a lumbar MRI and old fashioned x-rays, the problem was diagnosed as spinal stenosis.

I am in the "what do I really want to do about this problem?" stage, researching online, talking to people who have had some back surgeries. Just gathering information and opinions. I believe in being a proactive patient.

But the lack of consistent exercise combined with this damn heat (106 in central Indiana? Are you kidding me?), and the drought have taken a toll. I'm stressed. This is ridiculous because the stress is there due to my allowing it to develop. Be that as it may, I'm stressed. And anger has become a daily occurrence.

I don't much care for anger. About the only purpose it serves is to get you into action to right a wrong. For example, if someone were to threaten my dogs while on a walk or at the dog park, anger would definitely motivate me to move and take action. But to be angry just because I can't exercise normally, or that the temperatures keep creeping up over 100 degrees, or that rain has abandoned this
area is irrational. Don't much care for irrational behavior either.

It's time for a break. Time to wander and take some photographs, get the creative juices flowing and make some cards or alter something. Anything to take my mind off medical issues, rain, and dogs that are bored. So that is what we will do today.

Just breath.

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