Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Rain and Flowers

Our last day of vacation in the South Carolina, it rained. The day wasn't a complete washout, but there was enough moisture to add the drops to the flowers in the gardens. Due to the overcast skies, the colors were rich and vibrant. These images were taken at Boone Hall Plantation.

I was reminded of that fact today, sitting out front of my house under the overhang by the door, watching the rain fall on my own garden. Need to get the camera out and take some shots. We needed the rain. But, dang, there was no walk for the two four legged guys that live with me, and they are literally driving me nuts. "We're bored, mom!" Get over it. Go bite your sister on the leg, get a chase going. But no, not today. The dogs are just as dependent on that 90 minutes of exercise in the mornings as I am. We all miss it.

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