Monday, April 4, 2011

Rainy Monday

Altered Canvas (for me!)

New Card
It doesn't take much to get spoiled. Yesterday afternoon it hit 77 degrees in central Indiana. Gracie and I were at the dog park, and my little girl was actually trying to find some shade. During the night the wind woke me several times, but the rain didn't come in until this morning. Unfortunately, it has not let up all day. Dang.

I did the altered art canvas one day last week with a new line just released. This is Pink Paislee's Daily Junque, and I love it. Once it was completed, I decided it stays with me as a reminder of what needs to be done with life in general. Some of the print is hard to read, so here is the list that is on the paper in the lower right hand corner:
be positive
be true
be grateful
be organized
be on time
be proactive
be resolved
be yourself
be amazing
be kind
be helpful

The thank you card was made with bits and pieces hanging around, all older papers. I'm trying to use up my scraps, but then something new comes out, and it's a compulsion to buy, buy, buy...I think I need to add to the list of "be's", be frugal. Or not.

Enjoy your day, regardless of the weather.

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