Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rainy Day

Afternoon nap on the hassock
Afternoon nap on the hard, wood floor
The dogs are allowed just about anywhere in the house. I do keep the door closed to the spare bedroom that I laughingly refer to as "the studio". It is basically a glorified craft room, but studio sounds kind of classy, no?

Anyway, Gracie naps on the living room furniture, or on the bed in the spare bedroom. Rarely does this dog sleep on the floor. It is beneath her. She IS the diva princess. Sarge, on the other hand, will only sleep on the floor. In this photo, he is in front of one of my antique oak cabinets in the dining room. He also likes in front of the door leading to the garage. Or my closet.  Or tucked in a corner in the bedroom, between my dresser and the nightstand.

It amazes me that these two dogs get along so well, and play together when the mood strikes. Their basic personalities are so different. Gracie is outgoing, will not hesitate to greet anyone. You must win Sarge's attention, as he is shy, introverted, and very protective of me. He has never snapped at anyone, nor has he bit a human that I know of, but woe be the person who made a threatening move towards me. Sarge is the man.

I am a lucky dog mom. Have a great day.

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