Friday, January 21, 2011

Puppy pictures

It is minus 1 in Avon, Indiana this morning. Obviously too cold to go out and take pictures, even in the backyard. I think the Canon would probably freeze. I know I would. So it's time for old photos. This is a good thing. It's always good to reflect on the past, recalling how cute this puppy was.

This is Gracie. She is probably around 7 weeks in these photos. I forgot to check the date on the metadata. She was adorable. Sharp little puppy teeth that left scars all over my hands and arms. That wasn't her fault. My skin is thin and tears extremely easy. If her mouth was open, I got nicked.

Would I get another puppy and do it again? Probably not, knowing how many adult dogs that are loving, stable animals that need a forever home. Gracie was a beautiful pup, full of mischief. I learned a lot raising this dog. Valuable lessons on life, relationships, and the eternal love of a devoted animal. There is no doubt, she is indeed my dog. I don't regret the months of training, chewed rugs, blankets, socks, face clothes, and more. Or of nursing her back to health after having her spayed and her deformed dew claws removed. My heart broke when I saw how weak she was.

Life is good. My dogs and I are happy and content. Warm weather will return. Hopefully....

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