Monday, November 8, 2010

The Score

Alex and Tilly starting out

Amy and Debit. Debit turning her best side to me!

THIS is a sheep sandwich

This is not

Sheep 9 Linda 0

Gracie begging forgiveness from Leah
It was a perfect morning to work the dogs. The sun was out nice and bright, warming the air. Still had a nip in the air, but as long as you had on a jacket, you were fine. Alex and Tilly, the Blue Heeler, were first up. I thought Tilly did pretty good. Then Amy entered with Debit. Deb is a corker, a lot like Gracie. But Amy was able to attain a "sheep sandwich" more than once. This is where you, the two legged one, can walk (calmly), with the sheep behind you and the dog behind the sheep.

I am not able to do that yet. All 3 of us have the same problem: our dogs do not totally respect us in the pen. Gracie is the dog most out of control. Are we surprised? No, we are not. Note that in the above photo where I am standing with the sheep, Gracie is up on her hind legs trying to make amends with Leah, the trainer. This is because she just got yelled at, big time.

You will also notice that I am on the ground in one of the pics. I fell twice (count them, twice) yesterday. The second time Amy, who had my camera while I was with Gracie, didn't get the photo. Thank you very much. That was the time I was draped across a sheep with my feet flying hither and up. My abs are sore today.

We are trying. I keep reminding myself why I am doing this. Why I am loading both dogs up early in the morning, driving for almost an hour north of where I live, at times shivering with the cold. It's because Gracie loves this. I want to challenge her, mentally and physically. But I don't want to get hurt. So along with all of this, we are returning to some basic training at home. I love my dogs, but Gracie has to listen to me better than she does right now. It's like having a kid that knows they don't have to do what mom says until the third or fourth time mom states it.

It will get better. That is, if I survive. Have a good one.

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