Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Beautiful Fall Day

It's in the 70's, the sun is out, and the trees are changing. Funny, but we didn't think we would have any fall color this year due to our lack of rain. I never, in a million years, will be able to figure out what circumstances yield the best autumn leaves.

We went sheepherding today. I was, once again, knocked to the ground but no one stepped on me. The sheep did step on my feet several times while I was in the middle of the herd. I'm fine. I'm sure the sheep are fine, and Gracie came home very tired. She's so good. Sarge, as always, turned his back to the sheep and looked longingly at the car. There is no way I will ever interest this dog in herding.

Lots to do. I have company coming this weekend. We're heading to the dog park for a few hours of running, ball chasing, and general mayhem. Have a great day.

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