Thursday, September 9, 2010

Writers Block

So I have been putting off writing another entry because I hit a wall. What am I going to write about? Who cares? Why is there air? Sorry, that is the name of a very old Bill Cosby monologue from my high school days.

Therefore, random thoughts abound: a week ago tonight I became a great-grandmother. I am not old enough to be a great-grandmother. My hair is not white (I have a hairdresser, people!), I still have my own teeth (missing a few, but what is left are mine), I don't use a cane, and for the most part I do remember who everyone is.

My friend Pat and I have often thought that we are in better shape, physically, than our moms were at this age. I am 62. Pat and I have climbed the dunes at the National Shore in northern Indiana. We have walked state, county, and local parks all over the Midwest. And we are always, always carrying camera bags. This is something we've done since our 20's, and it never occurred to us to stop. Maybe that is the difference with baby boomers. We, as a generation, do possess a certain sense of adventure, exploration, and do not hesitate to act on it. Our moms were stay at home women. Their lives were our lives, taking care of the entire family.

To tie up this meandering thought tonight, I would first like to welcome Isabella Clair Miller to my world. She is a cutie, and sadly I don't have a photo on my hard drive to post. She is 3 hours away with her parents. Secondly, I would hope that part of Bella's legacy is this: don't be afraid to try, please, please don't be afraid to learn and grow, and know that you are loved.

Love to you, Bella!

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