Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Gracie June 2010
It rained today! This is the first we've seen in months. Of course we need a 12 hour soaking type rain, but anything we can get, we will take. The reason for the rain? But of course, I washed my car. Not ran it through a carwash, no I washed it myself in the driveway. Of course.

The nights are getting cooler. My favorite time of year is fall, and it saddens me that the weather people are saying our fall color will be non-existent. I love taking the dogs for long walks on the local trails with my camera. We stop so they can sniff whatever (Gracie's nickname is Eureka Kirby due to her sniffing ability), and I can take a few quick shots. The cooler weather puts me in the mood for homemade potato soup and pumpkin bread, two of my favorites. Doesn't that sound good?

Enjoy your day.

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