Saturday, September 11, 2010

Glorious Rain!

I love this shot

These flowers make me happy!

Notice all of the buds

My beautiful pink Hibiscus
It has been raining for the past 2 hours, very lightly. Our grass is so brown and crunchy, we may not catch up until spring. But I have been watering the perennials faithfully, hoping I wouldn't lose them, that they could recuperate after the terrible heat of this summer. And I was thanked this week. Look at these blooms! I've been waiting for just the right light to take photos of the pink plant. It is so intense, so brilliant, that if you photograph it in bright sunlight, it would just be washed out.

Today is overcast, more rain predicted, and the light is perfect. Had to do a few tweaks in Adobe Photoshop Elements, but that's cool.

Gracie and Sarge are at doggie day care for Saturday playtime. Mom gets to clean the house without having a certain Sheltie attack the vacuum cleaner. He is a character. Normally so quiet, dignified, and elegant, he just HATES the Kirby. Even if it isn't running.

Enjoy your day. Remember the souls lost on this day. We must never, ever forget.

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