Monday, September 20, 2010

Dogs in the Fall

My leaves! Back off, Gracie!

Chewing on Gracie

Showing a little fang

Sarge November 2009
I received Sarge on October 9th of last year. He came from a home with 41 dogs. He had not been abused, had been fed, but was lacking in socialization skills. Sarge appeared healthy, was current on all his shots, and most importantly, got along with Gracie. My entire purpose in adopting another dog was to have a playmate for the hyper Australian Shepherd puppy.

In these photographs from last fall, Sarge has just turned 4 and Gracie is 10 months old. He had been with us, at this point, for about a month. This is in the backyard of my youngest stepson's, (David) home. My 2 grandsons, Michael and Kevin had just meticulously raked up a huge pile of leaves. The dogs thought it was something to play in, and Sarge dived into the pile.

We've come a long way since this autumn day. Sarge has finally figured out that this is his forever home, that I am not leaving him somewhere nor returning him to Wisconsin. I am MOM, in caps. There is no doubt he is now my dog. We love him.
Have a great day.

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