Wednesday, February 13, 2019

First Quarter Complete


A black and white tag with one splash of color. The quote states: No beauty shines brighter than that of a good heart. So very true.

I have had Sirius streaming radio loaded on the last 3 cars I purchased. Never bought a package after the first free trial, until now. What was the difference? They added a Beatles channel. There are other dedicated channels as well, but The Beatles. Those that know me know we shall not speak of anyone else.

The 55th anniversary of the lads landing in New York for the Ed Sullivan show prompted the morning DJ to play the album Meet The Beatles. That brought back a flood of memories (Jean).  The DJ is Chris Carter, and he has stories and tidbits of information that I have never heard. Trust me, my circle of friends were MAJOR Beatlemaniacs. I now don't recall what he said, but it prompted me to take this photo and send it to my friend Pat.

Technology has flown upward in 55 years. We went from a 9 volt battery operated transitor radio to streaming radio in your car. I am just happy that I have gone along with that flow.

One hip great grandma.

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