Thursday, January 31, 2019


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I had to leave the house in subzero bull crap yesterday for various reasons. This was before dawn's early light, and it kind of threw my entire day off balance. Sorry about that. Forgot to post Day 11. Ta Da! Today I bring you two tags.

I am really trying to remember to use up old stickers and embellishments on this year's tag journey. Feeling good about these little projects.

I saw a very disturbing post on Facebook from some far right Christian conservatives, stating that the Department of Homeland Security had discovered 12 million uncounted votes for Donald Trump. And that all good Christian's should just let that fact sink in. So let us review.

As you can see above, the Department of Homeland Security is not looking for voter fraud that is legitimate. That would be the responsibility of that state's government like, oh, Florida. Or Texas. This government entity was created to make us safer. Period. I have no idea if that is happening, and I seriously doubt anyone else does either. What I do know is that posts of this nature continue to clog our brains with lies. And the person on my Friend's list, whom I thought was a good friend, is no longer trusted. In fact, I now realize this individual's thinking is blinded by devotion to a small sect Christian church. This is beyond sad, and so I walk away.

THIS is what our President feeds into. Every day. We have stopped being Americans, and have divided this country into pieces.

Be informed. Confirm the truth. Be compassionate. Thank You.

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