Monday, January 28, 2019

Day 9 and stuff

Tag 9 is abstract and simplistic and I love it

Gracie? Look up, sweetheart

Grace? Look at mom


This took longer than it should have

Details are with pencil, not ink
This is the Aquarius Girl from the Character Building Class with Danielle Donaldson. It looks nothing like hers, nor did I intend it to. I signed up to learn more about watercolor and yeah, boy that is happening.

Note to self: in the dry winter months, your water colors will dry much faster on the paper than in the higher humidity of warmer weather. I fought that little tidbit throughout this painting.

The skirt technique is pure Danielle. You drop a rainbow of colors into the base coat that is still (ha ha ha) wet, and let them blend and swirl. All of the shading is layers, and I truly lost count, of slightly darker colors. Primarily I used Moonglow and a tiny bit of Carbozole Purple mixed with Moonglow.

Side note: I ordered 5 more Daniel Smith colors yesterday from Blick. I really, really need to win the lottery.

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