Friday, November 9, 2018

What to do?

I feel like this is still incomplete.

Bought this coloring book at Hobby Lobby for inspiration on drawing

Before the water color dog and flower

Instagram yesterday

And this is why we loved him all these years. Hair: yes!
I seem to be having a great time with the collage part of these projects, and struggling with the water colors. I am doing this in the order that Danielle Donaldson does in her classes, which is first the collage, attach to the paper, then fit the drawing and painting within that framework. The first 3 I did were reversed. So. Thinking that I like doing the water color portion first, and then adding collage. Just the way my own brain works.

Have a chance for snow/rain mix today, so staying home with the fur babies and working on the house and art. Have a good one.

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