Monday, October 15, 2018

Issues with computers, technology and life

Did you need something? Because I'm not moving.

I take photos almost every day, either of the dogs or art work in progress. I have my phone set up (Ha Ha Ha) with Dropbox, so every time I press the shutter on the phone camera, that photo uploads to the Dropbox cloud. When I post on this blog, I go to Dropbox on the Mac to grab the pictures I have taken. Easy peasy, right? It would be if it worked all of the time. Dropbox or the Samsung phone or the WiFi have become irritable of late. And when I say "of late", I am referring to the past 6 months.

Being a creature of habit, I sit down every morning with coffee to browse the web and post on the blog. The posts have been slim for the past few weeks because I don't have a ton of stuff to share, art wise, and the Dropbox issue is making me nuts.

I will try to do better. Promise.  Just took advantage of a sale on classes (yep. Did it again) from Jeanne Oliver. I am taking All Creatures Lovely and Small from Danielle Donaldson. This is a water color class for beginners, intermediate and advance. I consider myself a beginner because I have learned watercolors haphazardly. From a variety of artists. What I am really enjoying is that Danielle is making us start over with little squares of color, to practice her techniques. Very cool, and a lot of fun. I will take photos of what I have done. And perhaps the Dropbox gods will allow them to upload. Or not.

For your amusement, I saw a post on Facebook this morning from dear friends who are very, very religious. I scrolled right on by, but this is just one of our current society problems: she was praying for Judge Kavanaugh because a coven of witches in New York City were gathering to put a hex on the judge.  It was a repost from FoxNews.

FoxNews is listed as an entertainment network with the FCC. Fact.

In order for a hex to be effective, one would have to believe in witches. Fact.

Judge Kavanaugh is going to be a target because he makes it so very easy. Fact.

Vote. Vote. Vote.

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