Wednesday, September 12, 2018


A no reason tag

New stamp

In the smaller Dylusions journal

Double page spread of marks and stencils

Jake, telling me I am not going anywhere ever again. Uh huh.
I have been working in small blocks of time in the studio, just trying to get back into the groove. The dogs are allowing this, because they lay in the hall blocking the doorway in and out of that room. The message is, "You can't leave if you can't step over us".

September is a busy month. It just happened to fall that way. But my plan is to stay home all winter. First, it is too hard to make plans with our crazy winter weather.  Secondly, I have decided it is time to explore what Indy and the surrounding areas have in art venues. There is a lot here that I have not seen.

Today, however, is mowing. Or I buy a horse, cow, and a sheep. Dang.

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